Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi Ya'll!

Welcome to my blog!

I’ve spent the past few weeks telling people I wanted to start a blog and pondering what to write in my first post. After much debate and coming to the realization that it is in fact a new year and we’re off to a fresh start, I’ve decided to share with you my goals for 2008. Goals? That’s right, goals. Some say it’s my way out of being held accountable as they are not resolutions. I say resolutions set you up for failure and that just ain't good for the soul.

So, grab a glass of sweet tea, check out my bio for more info and stop by often to see what I’m hollerin’ at ya! I think it’s going to be a great year and we’ll revisit this post in January ’09 to see if I am right!

Without further ado, here are my goals for 2008 (in no particular order):

1. I need to be more conscientious of my spending. I make plenty of money yet I never seem to have plenty of money. I’m not sure where it all goes, but I have a feeling the managers of Sushi Blues might.
My goal: To review my budget/spending each month and make a good effort to adhere to it. So long, Spicy Tuna!

2. My teeth are slowly rotting out of my head. It is hard for me to talk about as I am terrified of looking like Jethro’s sister. My driver’s license picture already looks like the most wanted poster of a woman on the run from embezzling money at the local Piggly Wiggly.
My goal: Make Dr. Bolus proud and stop drinking soft drinks! (There will be a memorial service for the Pepsi-Cola.)

3. We got a BOGO!
My goal: Start that blog I keep saying I’m going to start. Start my bucket list. WHOOT! WHOOT! Half a check mark here!

4. To build on the farewell of the Spicy Tuna.
My goal: To cook dinner more often and eat out lunch only once a work week.

5. NEW YORK CITY! Wait - been there, done that.
My goal: Visit one new place in these here United States.

6. I can’t find my…..
My goal: Clean out my closet! And by clean, I mean organize, straighten, and be able to find stuff when I need it. Maybe if I do that, I’ll find Scott who mysteriously disappeared two years ago after he said he was going to call. Hasn’t been seen since.

7. Get into the Word. I am a Christian and my personal time with God is important to me. However, I never seem to have enough time. How can you grow a relationship if you don’t spend time with someone?
My goal: To be more committed to my daily personal time and my personal bible study.

8. So, home girl needs some guns.
My goal: Hit the gym at least two times a week. Hey, Atlanta wasn’t built in a day! Baby steps ya’ll!

9. Music begins to play (Chariots of Fire).
My goal: In 2006, I ran my first marathon. Two years later, I’m itching to do another. Those happy exercise endorphins are like crack or something.

10. I like to read chick lit and Grisham books. Maybe I can educated myself with some of them there smart people stories.
My goal: To read two classics that I haven’t read before.

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