Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Survey says....

We were hit with a random all company survey today at work. Apparently, the internal marketing crew is actually going to use it for something. Here are my responses:

Favortie non-alcoholic beverage:
Orange iced mocha no whip

Favorite band/artist: want just one? IDK. I'll say JJ Heller's playin' right now. That's a tough question. Skynyrd was my first concert though. 8th grade. Bought a tee shirt with a huge eagle on the front and the lyrics to Free Bird on the back. How red am I?

Favorite blog/web site: - yea, I just plugged myself. What 'bout it?

Major influence:
The Apostle Paul. I don't know Paul's last name. He's in the Bible. You can find him in the New Testament. He rocked. I think we would be friends.

Totemic animal:
I don't know what totemic means. But, I will come at you like a spider monkey if need be. Let's do spider monkey. That's fun.


Brantley said...

How'd you hear about Heller? She's got a great voice and her lyrics are actually worth listening to. James Blunt, Shawn Hlookoff, Sara Bareilles, and other singer songwriters too often sound good but after you've heard them enough to understand what they are saying, they loose their flair.

Brantley said...

These are fun as long as they are short... Ocean Spray Cran-Grape, Third Day, Boundless, Family, Raccon

1) I love juice
2) Some times others bands get more play but I always come back to Third day. It's nice to listen and remember when you just read the verse they are singing about.
3) I don't have one in particular but of the 20 sites I visit daily, boundless has the most activity therefore I spend the most time there.
4) My life mirrors my father and grandfather while the women I date always have characteristics I admire in my mother and grandmother.
5) If not a raccoon, then a squirrel. My old soccer team was called the red squirrel chasers which has a funny story behind it.