Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend In Pictures: Party, Party, Party, Party

Friday: ER Party

We took a trip to Rex Hospital ER with Amber to get six stitches for her foot after a water meter cover attacked her while walking her dog. My camera was left at home and pictures are not available. I hope the quotes of the night will suffice.

Quote #1 - Ashely to Amber circa 2 hours into waiting when discussing cows in India. "Well, they're sacred cows you know."

Quote #2 - (also pertaining to cows) Amber to Ashely and Karen circa 4.5 hours into waiting when discussing Chick-fil-a's marketing campaign. "I got a sausage burrito this morning. It totally ruins their no beef campaign. They wasted all that work."

Quote #3 - Kathleen (the ER tech lady) to Amber, Ashely and Karen circa 5 hours into waiting. "KY Jelly will get dried blood off of anything. And, now, you have an excuse for having it."

Quote #4 - Amber, Ashely and Kara to PA Pete circa 5.1 hours into waiting and during the stitching process. "Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete got out. Who was left?"

SaturDAY: Wesley's First Birthday Party

Saturday Night: Chenoah's Housewarming Party

Sunday: Stacy's Good-bye Party

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