Friday, September 26, 2008

Just For Kicks

My birthday is in less than two weeks and as a Happy Birthday To Me! gift, I was thinking about buying some new kicks. I think my old gray New Balance from college have seen better days and am thinking about switching it up with some Onitsuka Tiger’s.

So, whadda ya think?

Should I go with shoe #1?

Or, shoe #2?
I really like shoe #3 the best, but of course, I saw it in a magazine and can’t find this color anywhere. Woe is me.

{Oh, and the shoes are not $175.}


Tonya & Michael said...

Shoe #2 is MeMaws vote. You've already got grey NB's. So spice it up with some turquoise. BTW- I Love #3 as well. #3 supercedes my vote for #2 if you can locate the color.

Shelly said...

Looks like you are asking me to choose between State and UNC... I'll let you figure out which ones I like the best! :-)

Brantley said...

Kind of partial to gray shoes. Even more so if your old ones are worn out.

Betty Crocker wannabe said...

I like #2, although I am liking the red shoelaces on #1.