Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Not What You Think

You probably think I'm getting ready to shout exaltations about how happy I am that gas prices have gone down! Wrong.

What I want to tell you about is what you cannot see. This is a crappy camera phone picture and the light behind the sign caused the letters to not show up in the photo.

It says "Now serving livers and gizzards".


A, J & E said...

Hi Ashely--I'm a friend of Mrs. Blueberry and was just browsing through her blog list. I just had to say that I saw this sign yesterday! It's in Tar Heel NC, right? I passed through there on my way to Myrtle Beach this weekend and I also noticed it and laughed. Too funny!

Ashely said...

That's right! It was in Tar Heel!