Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend in Pictures: King Pin

This weekend was just full of a hodge podge of activities. I feel as though I should update you on all of them, but let's go one at a time, shall we?

Buck Jones was jumpin' on Saturday night when we hit up AMF Lanes for some ten pin action. Little did we know, there was a King Pin amongst us. Hint: King Pin is featured in the picture below. King Pin's identity will be revealed shortly.

Don't you just love late night bowling? Day-glo colors and music videos! It's so much fun! In fact, it makes Kara giddy.

Some action shots for your viewing pleasure:

That's nice....(I'll have to thank Becki for that shot).

So, have you figured out who King Pin is yet? Tim could throw nothing but strikes on Saturday night. Exhibit A: Thomas' face of awe.

Going in for his six bagger (I guess that's what they call six strikes in a row?).

Access was denied. But, Tim did walk away with a score of 188 after throwing a five bagger.

In fact, his talent coupled with our lack thereof was rather depressing for some.

Four days later, my jacket still smells like fried cheesesticks.


Betty Crocker wannabe said...

I love it! I've been missing your blogs!

Shelly said...

Fun times! I bet your game improves in a couple of months!