Monday, February 2, 2009

Coach Yow

As most of you know, Coach Kay Yow passed away last Saturday morning. I encourage you to click here and watch her testimony that she recorded for her funeral when she was rediagnosed with cancer. It was an encouragement to watch her recognize the platform that God had given her and take advantage of it. We've heard stories of attendees of her funeral coming to know Christ following the service. Little did she know that her funeral would be broadcast twice on cable television and that her testimony would be all over the internet. And, I can't help but be challenged by Lori, the Campus Crusade for Christ member who Coach Yow talks about and how Lori's perserverance had such a huge impact for His kingdom and 30 years later would result in the Gospel being shared with hundreds. These women inspire me to do more for Him.

Coach Yow, I am rejoicing!

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