Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taco Mexico

I just downed my leftover fajita quesadilla from yesterday's visit to Taco Mexico. Perhaps you've seen it? It's the slim shady orange building with the homemade sign and the boarded up window on 55 headed into downtown Apex. My first visit there resulted in me ordering their specialty - tacos, of course - and finding out later that I had eaten cow tongue since the menu was in Spanish and I couldn't read it. Who was to know that lengua was not similar to legume?

Yesterday, I was convinced to give it another go and I'm glad I did! Their salsa is outstanding and the fajita quesadilla was yummy in my tummy.

So, the next time you're headed into downtown Apex, I suggest you stop in!

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Tonya & Michael said...

The title of this post makes me die laughing. I will never forget said day of "cow tongue delicacy!" HAHAHAHA! I wish I had a video of your face when you googled lengua and realized what it was!!