Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Savings Challenge

I was reading a This List Called Lucky post today (during a meeting, shush, don't tell) and Kellie inspired me to create my own challenge. I've been thinking of setting up monthly goals, but I think a challenge would be more fun. And, obviously, you guys will hold me accountable, right? You're not going to let me spend, okay? Are you on board 'cuz I am!

My Summer Savings Challenge is going to take place for the next 62 days (July and August)! Every week, I will check in with you on how I'm doing. Be merciful please as I get started. It's going to be tough!

The Rules:

Weekday Lunches - I can eat out lunch out one time per work week.

Starbucks Iced SF Vanilla with 2% milk ($4 a pop) - Thursday morning only

iTunes - I'm disconnecting my credit card. If I wanna buy some music, I'm gonna have to get a gift card from someone I guess.

Blockbuster online subscription - Already cancelled today. That's $10 a month right there!

Weekends - I am limiting myself to one weekend activity that costs money. I'm going to have to spend a lot of time at the pool or reading in the park and get creative with my entertainment.

Retail - Not happening. No buying. No magazines. No books. No bottled water cause I just want one. No clothes. This one is going to be the hardest. My plan is if I want something, I'm going to have to start a savings plan for it and if come September 1, I still want it, then I can get it. (I imagine by then, I'll be like whateves. I don't need those shoes.)

Exceptions to the Rules

Special Occasions - Every once in a while, it's someone's birthday or a friend is in town or you know. So, I'm not going to be strict on myself when it comes to things like that. But, it has to be a really, really special occasion.

Necessities - Toiletries, Gas, Groceries, Bills. Gotta have them.

Mattresses - I need a new set bad and have been saving. My piggy bank is almost there and I'm getting my mattresses!

Bonus Points

Bonus points are earned like this. When I'm in Target next week purchasing toothpaste (neccessities only, right?) and I look across and see the new shiny Jennifer Weiner book staring at me, I will walk away without purchasing it and earn my $25 bonus points. That $25 is how much the hardcover book would have cost me. Since I did not spend that $25 on the book, I'm going to stick it into my bonus points account. Come September 1, we'll tally up the bonus points earned and see how well I've done! (I'm not 100% sure if this one will work, but we'll try it out.)

Here we go. It's July 1! Wish me luck!


kellie said...

yay, i'm glad you found me and are interested in joining my little 60-day challenge!

your goals are totally awesome- the eating lunch out/getting coffee once a week thing is such a great idea- i am definitely needing to cut back on that one myself! good luck, and let's check in on each other!!! can't wait to see how it goes. :)

Shelly said...

I like your thinking! It'll be fun to stay up to date on this!!

Lindsay said...

Mamakeller was talking about your mattresses today in fact she was scoping out some truck in the Belk parking lot that had a brand new set...hehe! :D But good luck maybe you could get our sisters on board

kel said...

Good luck! Itunes eats my paycheck!!!!

Kristine said...

Ooooohh, I need to do this! For me, the hardest part is giving up clothes and shoe shopping. It's so easy now, the internet is just a click away!

marcie said...

don't get tempted with the no tax weekend coming up! :) Prepare yourself! Sounds like you have a good game plan!