Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Booger the Monster Pumpkin

Hello, this is Booger the Monster Pumpkin.

I carved Booger the Monster Pumpkin Friday night at Keri's Annual Pumpkin-n-Pastry party. Before the creation began, we bellyed up to a good ol' southern comfort meal of chicken-n-pastry, sweet peas, butter beans, sweet potato casserole, biscuits, deviled eggs and sweet tea! It was like being at church homecoming without the treacherous feelin' of pantyhose riddin' up.

And, they're off! Let the carving begin!

This is Marcie. Say 'hello, Marcie.' Marcie is an art teacher and makes you sick with her super cool pumpkins. You just wait. Oh, and I guess her husband Brantley helped her. :)

This is Keri. Say 'hello, Keri.' Keri is an amazing cook and makes you sick with her super yummy dishes. You saw what I mean with that southern spread.

This is Melissa. Say 'hello, Melissa.' This is Melissa breaking her 40th carving tool.

We were going to vote for our favorites, but the aforementioned boyfriend Andrew carved Jesus onto his pumpkin. You can't not vote for Jesus. But, next to Jesus, I really like Tim's autobot.

I mentioned Marcie's talent. Below is her Pumpkin Snake/Chinese Dragon. It's supposed to be a snake. I think it looks like a Chinese dragon. See, I told you she'd make you sick.



Keri said...

Yay! So much fun. Your post made me laugh when I got to Melissa breaking her 40th carving tool. PS your camera takes great pictures!

marcie said...

Im not amazing or any more creative than anyone else! I just stole a Martha Stewart idea! :) ha, I was going to send out her pumpkin ideas, but then I thought I would have competition! ;) kidding- yeah nobody can beat Jesus!

oh, and Brantley is getting into this coupon-ing craze you have! :) Ask him about the deals you can add on your Kroger card from Proctor and Gamble (unless you told him about it!)

Ashely said...

Marcie - he didn't tell me about the Kroger card add-ons, but I know you can do that through something called cellfire. I haven't gotten that sophisticated yet. :)