Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Last 20-Something

On October 9, I celebrated my last 20-something birthday. And, it was a great day! My birthday was on a Friday and I took the Friday before and after off. Everyone asked why I worked on my birthday, but work much I did not. My company had our annual Oktoberfest party on my birthday so it was like a party all day! We had some fun, chowed down on some brats and played musical chairs to yoldling music. Yes, we're adults and musical chairs is a kid game, but it was so much fun! And, I won! Yay me!

When Oktoberfest wrapped up, the balloons were brought to my cube. PS - some of my co-workers didn't understand why the balloons were red, yellow and black. Seriously? Really? You don't know why? Please notice my lovely home away from home.

Another tradition in my company. The infamous photoshoped birthday poster that hangs all over the office. I gotta say, I loved mine. Karen was obviously behind this one. Do you know how I would have KILLED to have that outfit back in the day? A lot of people had not seen Teen Witch so we spent a good bit of time playing clips on youtube which killed a good half hour. If you're reading this and you haven't seen Teen Witch, do let me know! We will have a viewing party pronto! During Oktoberfest, my coworker Ben said 'I wouldn't get any german chocolate cake if I was you?' That's like blasphemy as far as I am concerned because I am a sweets fanatic. But, I listened and later that afternoon, his wife Erica stopped by with my birthday cake!

Here's the awesome thing about the cake - it's a nerds cake! It's chocolate and has got some kind of hard chocolate chip things on the inside and is topped with nerds! Erica is a sweetheart. She had made this cake MONTHS ago for someone else and I said 'I want a nerds cake on my birthday.' Low and behold, she remembered and made me a nerds cake!
The birthday night was rounded out with dinner with my Carolina girls at Porter's and a party with the CYC crew at Derek's. So fun!
My girl Kara is nine days younger than me (but, a WHOLE grade behind mind you) and we decided to take the next Friday off and use our 'free round of golf on your birthday' coupons at Pine Hollow in Clayton. Free golf is nice, but we were charged $16 in cart fees! But, all in all, $16 for 18 holes is pretty good.
It was cold and had been rainy the whole day before so the ground was pretty wet. But, it was nice because there was no one behind us, rushing us and helping to increase my frustration.

Here's Miss Kara teeing off. She shot 46 on the back nine and 100 overall. We won't discuss my lack of shooting.

HOWEVER, while I didn't do well overall, I did tee off over this here body of water in which my ball SKIPPED on the water and went up on the green! I probably could have pared the hole had it not been for the pooping Herring that was in the way.

All in all, my Last 20-something was loads of fun! A good time was had. Kara has since celebrated her last 20-something as well. We went to El Rodeo to practice for our Big 3-0 trip that's planned for October 2010! Can you guess where we are going!?


Brantley said...

Ok, I'll admit it. I don't know what the colors are about. Is that the official Oktoberfest colors or something?

And teen witch? I've never heard of the movie. I'm guessing that's one of those amazing 80's movies but you should throw a movie party at some point.

Ashely said...

Okay, Brantley - what country is Oktoberfest and what color if their flag?

Oh, we can have a Teen Witch party! You might loose all bit of man-ness, but we can certainly do it! Maybe we can have a dinner and a movie party soon?