Monday, November 30, 2009

Facebook, I Need To Quit You

You may have noticed. Yes, it's true. I've deactivated the Facebook.

I've debated fasting from it for a while. A friend of mine did it. She said that it was rather refreshing and once she turned Facebook back on, she wasn't going to the site as much.

I've noticed that I'll get on there and all of a sudden 45 minutes have passed and I've spent my time looking at pictures of kids whose parents I don't talk to and probably wouldn't know they existed were it not for the Facebook. Social media's great, but between Facebook, Google Reader, my blog and basic email, I'm just wasting a lot of time away.

So, I decided that we would take a baby step. With the holiday season here, everything is hustle and bustle. Time is always flying by. So, I decided to shut down the Facebook until 2010 and try to get a little bit of that time back. Perhaps I'll spend it preparing some goals for 2010.

We'll see how it goes. I give it a week max.

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