Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And A Jay Z Song Was On

And a Jay Z song was on. And a Jay Z song was ooonnnnn…..

Maybe Miss Cyrus or the hissing geese put a little pep in my step, but something got me a little motivated during my lunch run today.

But, first things first.


Making breakfast a priority is something I’m trying to do. This morning I rolled out earlier than normal to get showered, fed and to do my Philippians bible study for this week.

I was going to have half a cinnamon bagel with yogurt, but something’s wrong with our toaster oven so I scratched that and opted for instant oatmeal and yogurt. I decided to light a pretty candle like Kath does.

Kath’s someone else I’ve discovered via blog land. She has a tribute to oatmeal on her blog which I love. I plan to take some time soon and steal all her variations on oatmeal for breakfast options. I love oatmeal - just not big on the instant kind (although, I bit the bullet this morning).

My bible study was pretty good. We’re going through Wiersbe’s Philippians study. This week was on Philippians 3:1-11. Paul is talking to the church at Philippi and reminding them that their works on Earth are counted loss in light of the work Christ did on the cross. It’s always a good reminder to stop and look at our actions and decisions and see if we are doing them in light of self or in light of the Cross.

Once I got to work, my stomach started GROWLING like a maniac. I devoured a 100 calorie bag of almonds and seemed to do okay.

The lunch time run happened again today. I’ve blocked my calendar during lunch for Tuesday-Thursday to ensure I get my runs in. I’ve realized that while running in the middle of the day might not be my preferred option, it’s what works with my schedule and it’s how life’s going to be until the sun comes up earlier or goes down later.

Here’s the proof.

My apologies go out to the man in the pea coat driving the Mercedes that was in my place of employment’s parking lot. I’m sorry that you had to witness me hacking a half dollar size loogie that was brought up from the bowels of my lungs and nasal passages. But, sir. It was impressive, no?

Not sure how far I went yet. Gotta mapmyrun.com it. But, I’m thinking it was around 3.5 and I did it in 40.30.07. Towards the end, I was starting to give out of gas and then, a Jay Z song was oooonnnn and I picked up. But, at the very, very end, I started having bad hunger pains. I need to figure out how to fuel my body correctly for mid-day runs. Any suggestions?

After my run, I was once again ill prepared for lunch and hit up the Chick-fil-a.

Chicken salad sandwich with some fruit I found in my work kitchen. When I was doing Weight Watchers, the chicken salad sandwich was only 6 points (I think) which isn’t too bad in points world.

These late lunches and all this running work up quite an appetite for me. After spending all afternoon in meetings, I snacked on some bell pepper and leftover hommous from Saturday.

All right, gotta put another day in the grind to bed, run a couple of errands and get over to church for bible study. Later My Taters!


Brantley said...

Way to be on the ball. I'm impressed and inspired.

MrsBlueberry said...

Wow you're doing great Ashely!! Don't forget all that running earns you a few extra points to eat too. I find having a snack like a banana or apple about 30-45 min before my run helps to keep me from getting too hungry. Mid-day runs are tough though. I try to get it out of the way in the mornings before I get too hungry!