Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Food-oto Montage

Hey everybody!

Sorry for the lack of blogging, but yours truly has been a bit snotty lately. Instead of trying to recap the past five days for you in detail, I'm going to present what I've dubbed THE FOOD-OTO MONTAGE (ooooo....aaaahhhhhh).

Saturday 8 am: Group 4M run at Shelley Lake. Proof of my feelings afterward.

Saturday 9:30ish am: Don't know what it is, but after my Saturday am long runs, I crave eggs! That's all I want. So, I scrambled up some with a little salsa and cheese plus a side of fruit.

Saturday 1:00 pm: After scarfing down my eggs, I met up over at my friend Emily's to help her unpack after moving to her new diggs. Of course, she supplied sustance for those of us who helped. Hungry Howie's!

My plate. Their garlic bread and flavored crust is to die for! Not pictured: second slice of pizza.

Saturday 9:00 pm: After watching UNC suffer a heartbreaking loss to GT, I went in to work to take care of some personal projects that I had been putting off and also ran a few errands. Next thing I knew, it was going on 9:00 and he was calling my name. Such the Casanova that Mr. Bojangles.

Sunday 12:30 pm: What I've failed to mention is that thru the day Saturday, Mama started to feel a little rough. I woke up Sunday am with a cold that was hitting me hard. I played it easy at lunch with a bowl of soup (plus I knew I had plans for the night).

Sunday 5:00 pm: Plans of Mexican food! I LURVE MEXICAN FOOD! Yummy fajitas are pictured. I ate half and took the rest home.

Monday 12:00 pm: Cold was still threatening. Decided to take the day off from running and ate lunch at my DEP in the atrium. Chicken noodle soup with saltines and a side of fruit.

Monday pm and Tuesday am: Not pictured. I had leftover fajitas for dinner on Monday and I don't think I ate anything on Tuesday. I haven't had much of an appetite.
Tuesday 12:00 pm: Heather met me for a 3.5M run (which was actually 3.9M in 46 minutes). It was GEE-OR-GEE-OUS outside! However, I'm not sure I should have run with the cold thing going on. I've heard if you're sick from the shoulders up, you can workout. And, if you're sick from the shoulders down, you should rest. So, I ran, but I did get goosebumps and chills from my sweat and it was um, in the 60s outside. But, I'm glad Heather came because it felt good to get the run in and she pushed me to plow through the congestion!

Tuesday 1:15 pm: DEP issue. So, I'm doing my runs during lunch because that's what works with my schedule. But, I can't do that and get back in time to eat lunch at my DEP without taking like a two hour lunch. I'm going to have to figure out what to do here. However, I've noticed I've been eating slower at my desk because I'm working whereas if I don't have a distraction, I scarf the food down. Maybe I'm messed up? Cuz I think the point of the DEP is because you mindlessly eat. IDK. Whatch ya'll think?
The cold usual.

Tuesday 3:30 pm: Need to get that Vitamin C to boost the immune system. Do note the big box of tissues. Yummy!

Vitamin C in edible form.

Tuesday 7:00 pm: About 6:30, the weirdest thing happened. I got a craving for an original chicken sandwich from Burger King. Yea. I think I eat these once a year.
Craving satisfied. Wasn't all that great.

Food-oto Montage - THE END!
*I didn't take any pictures on Wednesday. Sorry ya'll!

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