Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Feel Like I Fell Down A Mountain

Probably because I did. Quite a few times.

CYC hit up Wintergreen this weekend. We picked a great weekend to go. Friday night skiing was the normal fake stuff, but then Saturday morning, we woke up to this!

The fresh powder made for great ski conditions! It was an adventure getting up to Wintergreen. We had to push a Cherokee with our F150 and then abandoned him. Our friends behind us took forever to show up. Turns out someone had decided to drive their glorified golf cart (known to most as a Prius) up the mountain. To ski. Early in the morning. In the snow. Before the roads were completely cleared. Genius.
Now, tell me how come I look like a 12 year old? Remember Chubby Face? Yup, I gots it going on.

And, before any of you ask. No, these aren't our boyfriends.

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