Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Go Shorty. It's Your Birthday. We're Gonna Party...

June 12 is my friend Cheri's birthday! We celebrated at Sono last night!

Cheri at her birthday dinner

Ashley and I decided to gorge ourselves on not one, not two, but THREE rolls! We had the Lava Roll, the Piano Roll and the Screaming "O" Roll. YUMMY is all I can say! I went home with that miserable I ate waaaayyyy tooo much feeling.

Mine and Ashley's plate

Now, I will tell you why I like my friend Cheri. If Cheri was an inantimate object, she would be a shoe. But, not just any shoe. Probably this shoe.

Why this shoe? Because it's colorful and sooo fun! Just like my friend Cheri! So, here's to you Cheri! You Go Glenn Co-Co!



Anonymous said...
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Brantley said...

Is that the place on Fayetteville St or at North Hills? I've been wanting to try out the place down town.

Ashely said...

It's on Fayetteville Street next to News 11. It's owned by the same people that own Mura that is at North Hills. I prefer Sono over Mura though. It's been a better experience.