Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Got Bangs

(and apparently, a double chin)

I went hog wild last night and decided to chop chunky little girl bangs. This picture doesn't do John Ward's masterpiece justice. They are growing on me and the ponytail is super fun in a J. Crew preppy kinda way.

Now a word to the fellas out there. In the event that you know a girl and she has just chopped herself some CHUNKY bangs and it looks different do not tell her that you want to call her bangs. She's super sensitive. In the event that you do not like the hair cut, wait until her next appointment and gently suggest that she go back to the old way that she had her hair. And, who knows, it might have grown on you by that point!

PS - Opinions on the bangs are welcomed.


Anne said...

Definitely a good look on you!
- I did the same thing once, and it didn’t turn out that well.

Brantley said...

Nice, bangs must be in now right? Marcie and my sister both have them.