Thursday, July 10, 2008

Greta and Yelena

*Note: Parents might not want to read this one. As I did not follow motherly advice.

After work yesterday, I decided to head to the Art Museum for my five mile run. From the museum, it's a two and a half mile run to Hillsborough Street and is an out and back. I looked up at the sky when I was parking and while it looked like it might storm, I thought I can get this quick run in. So, about 20 some minutes into the run, I turned around at Hillsborough to head back to my car and was staring a storm in the face. Once I reached the bridge to cross back over I440, it lightened straight down in front of me. It was getting windy. It was starting to rain. And, I wasn't up for running another mile and a half back through the woods by myself in a storm.

There were some kids practicing soccer at Meredith and I decided to see if a parent could let me borrow a cell phone or hitch a ride. Well, they were all in their cars pulling away when I got back. So, I headed to Ben and Jerry's to wait it out. Well, there was no waiting it out with this monsoon. I borrowed the Ben and Jerry's phone and left my roommate Karen a message to check and see if I was there on her way home from work. There were two ladies in the shop and one of them overheard my message.

"Excuse me, do you need a ride?" one lady said.

"I would love a ride!" I exclaimed.

"My name is Greta" she said in a thick Russian accent. "My daughter was practicing soccer. I saw you. We'll give you a ride."

And, then, she offered to buy me some ice cream while they ate theirs!

The other lady, Yelena, wound up giving me a ride. I was just so amazed at their willingness to help me out and their selflessness. It was not big deal to them. We had some friendly conversation on the while back and I was really grateful for her help.

I think sometimes it is so carved into me to be "on guard" when dealing with strangers that I miss out on the idea of community. The idea of being the church. The idea of being the Way like the early church. I've been reading The World Race blog a lot lately (it's something I'm praying about) and the experiences of those who are on the race are all about being the church and being Jesus' hands and feet. I am trying to learn to let my guard down to a certain extent (while keeping my common sense about me) and being how the church should be. Being willing to help out those who need it. It's something I want to be more conscious about.

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