Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall is Here!

My favorite things about fall:

-watching football and eating chili with fritos
-the cool crisp, clean air and really blue skies make running a lot more fun
-my birthday!
-going for walks and wearing my fleece with the leaves on the ground and rustling under my feet
- seeing the vibrant colors – red, orange, yellow, brown
-purple and yellow mums on the front steps
-the coziness of fall especially when you light candles in the house
-putting cinnamon in my coffee and taking a hiatus from the iced mochas
-new TV season
-pumpkin cookies and apple pie
-hay rides
-Halloween and candy corn
-wearing my boots
{Image from flickr}

1 comment:

Brantley said...

That's a cool picture. Fall is a great time for me too. You no longer sweat every time you walk out the door, my electricity bill drops, snowboarding is coming up, and Christmas is just around the corner. So much to look forward to over the coming months.