Friday, January 9, 2009

The Atomic Blonde

The Atomic Blonde aka Faith Ya'll tagged me during my Christmas break and I have yet to do as she said. Following my tagging orders, here are my five predictions for 2009.

1. I predict that the UNC Tar Heels men's basketball team will win the NCAA championship and NC State will not be invited to the NIT.

2. I predict that at least two more couples in CYC will get engaged.

3. I predict that my physical appearance will be altered - whether the bee's knees or a big ol' hot mess - only time will tell.

4. I predict that 80s glam rock hair will make a comeback and Tonya will lead the effort here in Raleigh.

5. I predict that I will know how to cook more than three meals by the end of the year.

And, I know ya'll are probably wondering when I'm gonna take a look back at those goals for 2008 and see how I did, right? Well, I'm dog sitting this weekend so one of my projects while chillin' with the canines is to get my life in order and ready for 2009. Cuz, dagum it ya'll, we's gonna make some progress this year I tell ya!

1 comment:

Brantley said...

hmm... your heels aren't helping you too much with those predictions are they? I can't disagree with your couples assesment and I seriously hope 80s style doesn't make a complete comeback. It was terrible the first time around. As for a change, you and Marcie were leading the hair bangs revolution this past year. I liked it so I'm sure whatever you come up with this year will be equally good.

As for the meals, we should have a cooking session at one point to spread our recipes. We'll each make a meal teaching others while at it. Then we can all pack up each others leftovers for work. Marcie's enchilada soup is really easy to make and takes no time. How does that sound?