Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sorry I haven't been in touch

But, I've been lazy. I took about two weeks off during Christmas and I did nothing but vegged out. We had a great Christmas!

Some of us got exciting things like Wall-E,


photos of great-grandchildren,

and crockpots.

Others of us received the grown up present of money. But, money's always great! I've been hoarding mine. I spent a bit of it on finishing out my Sex and the City DVD collection (Target had each series clearanced for $8.99 a piece). I also got a couple of The Office DVDs and Skip Bo. The rest is sitting in my wallet causing me to agonize over whether to buy a Wii or be responsible and put it towards fixing the paint scratch on my car. I think it's creating an ulcer in my stomach.

After Christmas, a few friends went down to the OBX for a New Year's vegetation weekend. We literally did NOTHING. Some people did not even leave the house. We played a new game called The Pit that Caitlin got for Christmas. I high recommend it!

We also visited The Wright Brothers' Memorial. Carolyn and I were super excited to get our National Park passports stamped!

And, some of us came one year closer to understanding why old men wear black socks with sandals.

Once I got back to Raleigh, I was able to squeeze in one more night of fun before heading back to work. My hair stylist John threw an 80s party that was super fun at his super sick house. Seriously, I'm in the wrong profession.

We had Girls Just Want To Have Fun playing while we were getting ready. My outfit made me happy. I was going for the Teen Witch "Most Popular Girl" look. If you don't know what I'm talking about, rent the movie. Now. Karen let me borrow her jean jacket which totally completed what I was going for.

But, enough about me and my holiday happenings! What's been up with you!?


Shelly said...

So glad you are back! BTW, John blamed my lack of invite on you, saying he asked you to invite "the girls". I think he just forgot me :-)

MrsBlueberry said...

Ahhh-I used to love that Teen Witch you remember the song "Now top that"? That was my favorite part.

And I think you should buy the Wii. But if you don't you can come play mine anytime! :)

Tonya & Michael said...

I say totally go for the Wii... and when you do, will you invite me and Miguel over to play?