Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Head Hurts

As part of my skinny girl efforts, I've decided to let go of the Coca-Cola and other sugary drinks that I love so dear when that 3:00 I need to get outta this cube feeling hits.

And, my bank statement the other day read as follows:
Starbucks 4.00
Starbucks 4.00
Starbucks 4.00
Starbucks 6.00 (got some coffee cake)
Wal-mart 12.00
Starbucks 4.00

Yea, so I'm laying off the sugar-free vanilla iced latte as well.

Today, I am suffering. My head is killing me from caffeine withdrawl.



Brantley said...

Three days is what I've experience when coming off the caffeine addiction.

Other options are to buy some vanilla milk and cool whip to make it yourself. At work, coffee is often free and if you add some sugar and vanilla creamer topped with whip cream, often you get a similar drink.

I like to add a caramel. Lots of Caramel. That's my poison when it comes to coffee drinks.

Brad Carlson said...

That's a lot of motor oil you've been buying for $4.00/each!