Friday, April 10, 2009

Watchin' the Weight

Three weeks ago, I embarked on a new mission. A mission that would take me to unknown frontiers such as not ordering two rolls at Sushi Blues and declining that cupcake in the work kitchen. That's right ya'll - I'm watchin' the weight. Big chunks of cellulite have taken over my body and I have concluded that I must be cleansed of them!

Weeks one and two resulted in a three pound loss. However, hunger has attacked with a vengeance and week three went not so well. As in you-loose-a-turn-do-not-collect-any-weight-loss-go-back-to-start. So, I guess I've come full circle and the journey begins...again.

The good thing is that I recognize where I messed up. I ate out too much this week. I didn't eat anything that was actually good for me. And, above all, I wasn't up in the gym a workin' on my fitness.

So, here we go. Back to start. It's a new day! I must move forward! And, I'll try to fill you, my reader, in more so that perhaps you can encourage, yell and help me get my act together! So, stay tuned! It's probably not going to be very fun, but I promise I'll make the best of it!


Shelly said...

What's your goal? # lbs by when?

Ashely said...

Goal #1 = total weight lost of 7 lbs
Goal #2 = total weight lost of 14 lbs

I'm not going to put a time limit just because I think that would put too much stress on me. But, I'm hoping to reach goal #1 by Mexico (1st week of June) and goal #2 by July 4ish. But, pretty much I'm not going to worry about when.

Shelly said...

Those sound like very SMART goals! :-) I know you will get there!