Friday, April 24, 2009


Buffett was great! Not the best show I've been to, but still worth it. It's amazing how staying up two hours past my bedtime can make me uber sleepy. Ridiculous, I say.

On tap for the weekend:
1. Marathon shopping with Shelly
2. Catching up with Jay-ay-ay and celebrating Cash's birthday/law school completion
3. UNC vs. Miami with the fam
4. Carolyn's birthday dinner @ Vivace
5. Finishing New Moon

It's gonna be a busy one but sure to be full of good times with good friends!


Lindsay said...

Ashely we swept Miami last weekend...we are going to see them sweep the Terps this weekend...haha! :P I know it's hard to keep our victories straight especially when you root for a school that excels in everything...

Kristine said...

All your talk about New Moon and all my Twilight watching had me re-reading the book on my way to Maryland this weekend! I can't wait till it comes out in November!

Shelly said...

Shopping was fun! I'm all packed up for the trip to Disney!