Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lessons in Grocery Shopping

You've all been reading about my get healthy intiative. Currently, we're sitting in week seven and I am stuck in a plateau. I've lost five pounds and can't get over the hump. And, one of my weight lost buddies has lost 11 pounds which while I'm excited for her, it makes me a little grumpy with myself.

So, Saturday, I sat down and planned out my meals for the week. And, surprise, surprise, it only took 45 minutes, not 4-EVA like I was expecting. And, then, I was off to the grocer where lessons were learned.

Lesson #1 - You will walk past the small cans of diced black olives five hundred times before breaking down and asking an associate who will look at you and say, "um, they're behind you."

Lesson #2 - Going to the farmer's market is not only an adventure and more exciting than the grocery produce section, but it's also a lot more CHEAPER.

Lesson #3 - When going shopping for bulk items, the Teeter is probably not the best option as it's expensive compared to the Lion.

But, never-the-less, there she sits in all her glory! My cart full of a week's worth of healthy, yummy, get skinny food items!

Now, that I have all these groceries, it's time to cook something! For those who might remember from a few post back, I'm not really all that versed when it comes to cooking. But, I'm gonna learn dagum it!

*I apologize for the grainy crap-ola pictures. Camera phone. You understand.


Kristine said...

So what is on the menu this week? Give me some ideas!

Ashely said...

Well, we made the grilled chicken (see the next post) and last night, I had whole wheat pasta with low-sodium pasta sauce, steamed spinach and mozzarella. Other things were sandwich and salad fixins for my lunches. My next goal is to start figuring out how to cook and save leftovers to have for meals during the week on nights that I have BSF or bible study or softball. But, I'm just getting started so hopefully, I'll have a recipe book full of yummy stuff soon!