Friday, November 6, 2009

Song of the South: Everything Is Different

Shane and Shane's new CD Everything Is Different came out on Tuesday. I,of course, had a reminder set on my Outlook, had iTunes downloading by 10:00 am and changed my Song of the South image shortly thereafter. Didn't know I was such a fan? Shame on me for you not knowing.
Shane and Shane are by far my favorite Christian group. Mainly because most of their songs are based on specific scripture. For instance, they have an ENTIRE CD called Psalms which are (duh) songs of the Psalms. It's amazing how many times that I have found myself in a situation reciting (or singing really): the Lord is gracious and slow to anger. He is rich in love. He is good to all. All who call on Him in truth He is near to and He hears their cry and saves them. That's Psalms 145. And, because I have Shane and Shane on repeat in the car, I've memorized Truth that the Holy Spirit can bring to mind when it's needed. And, that's pretty dag um cool if you ask me.

As for the CD, I'm not sure it's their best (I don't think anything will top An Evening with Shane and Shane) but it's still good.

On a random side note, since I've gotten back to regular blogging, I spent some time fishing through some old posts. Look at 2008 and you see posts about my walk and how God was working in my life. I was reading the Valentine's 2008 post earlier and just felt so happy about how far he's taken me in a year and a half. But, my posting about it has stopped and it makes me sad especially considering that to live is Christ.

So, no more my friends. No more. His mercies are new each morning and they need to be shared. And, I expect some accountability from you reader when they are missing. Some check in, please.

I'm in the Woman to Woman mentoring program at church and Patti's my mentor (shout out to Patti!). We're doing a study on Lies That Women Believe that I SO did not want to do when she asked about it, but God wanted to teach me some things and it's just been great. Expect a blog about it next week. (Look, I'm committed. Gotta do it now.)

{Exit random side note}

One of my favorite songs thus far on Everything Is Different is called Great Reward. Here's a little preview. ENJOY!

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