Friday, January 29, 2010

Ashely’s 23rd Psalm

I am doing T.W. Hunt’s Disciple’s Prayer Life study. Today’s exercise was to think about the way you relate to God and write a personal 23rd Psalm, expressing your own individuality to God in prayer.

In 2006, I started competing in long distance running and have completed one marathon and a few half marathons. Most long distance races have pacesetters who run with balloons or flags to identify the pace they are keeping. Their job is to help a runner stay on pace so that they can meet a personal time goal.

I thought of my relationship with God being like a runner to a pacesetter. Here is Ashely’s 23rd Psalm:

The Lord is my Pacesetter;
I shall follow His lead.

He trains me in His ways;
He goes out in front of me.
He keeps my pace in His perfect timing;
He encourages me in the pursuit of holiness for the sake of His glory.

Yes, though I may grow tired and weary,
I will triumph over the enemy; for My Advocate is with me;
Your Spirit and Your Training Manual, they nourish me.

You prepare a route before me in the presence of my competitors;
You anoint my body with energy;
My endurance comes from You!

Surely strength and excellence will follow me all the miles of my life
And I shall finish the race and celebrate the victory with my Pacesetter forever!