Friday, January 15, 2010

Chili Cook Off

Today’s thought process:

Work smells like chili (9:31 am)

That chili is making me hungry (10:55 am)

Really hungry (11:37 am)

Wait! Before we talk chili, let’s cover last night’s din din.

Lean Cuisine. I can NEVER eat them in the little black container. Just doesn’t seem real to me. I ALWAYS move the LC to a new bowl.

After dinner, I did my first day of my new bible study, Disciple's Prayer Life: Walking in Fellowship with God by TW Hunt. I feel like God’s getting ready to teach me and help me grow over the next 13 weeks and I can’t wait!

John and Karen came home and we watched two hours of The Jersey Shore or crack as I call it. John brought over some BoBo* Nutty Buddies and I had one. It was such a good treat!

So, this morning, I overslept a bit (are we seeing a pattern here?) and didn’t make anything for breakfast. I did do Day two of my bible study since I prefer to do it in the mornings. Once I got to work, I had a Fiber One bar.
At lunch time, I was hungry but wanted to save room for chili so I had a little bit of yesterday’s leftover pizza.

Confession: I did munch on some chocolate during the day.

Now, back to the chili.

Work has smelled good ALL day! Once a quarter, we have an all agency meeting where we are downloaded on what’s going on in the company, etc, and they always try to make it fun. In the past we’ve had an Oktoberfest theme and we went to Fearrington Village where we had an ‘Iron Chef’ experience.

Today’s theme was ‘Super Bowl’ complete with sports trivia, corn hole and a chili cook-off.

The slow cookers are lined up and ready for battle.

I guess this photo counts as my picture of what I ate because yes, I tried everyone! (and, I still thought mine was the best!)

Here she sits in all her glory. Cooker #3. Mother Vicki’s Famous Chili Recipe (aka the Poo-tetra Breeder).

Guess what!?! I actually won! I had joked all week about how I was going to annihilate all of the other chili’s, but I didn’t expect to actually win.

My winnings:

$75 in Teeter gift cards can go a loooonnnnggg way with this couponer!

Plans for the weekend:
-Go home and let six types of chili in my tummy have its way with me
-Menu planning (specifically focusing on breakfast everyday)
-Starting my inspiration book for decorating my new apartment (I’m moving in March!)
-Running 4M Saturday morning with MeMaw
-Helping Emily move
-Another restful Sunday consisting of church and Wii

Later My Taters!

*BoBo = generic brand

**It has been pointed out to me that I don’t put pictures of the ‘bad’ stuff on my blog. Yes, I’ve noticed as well. I need to be more accountable. I plan on you holding me to it!

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