Thursday, January 14, 2010

No Picture For You

Of last night’s dinner that is. I went to church for the Wednesday Night Supper and totally forgot to take a picture of my meal! We had a family sit with us that we didn’t know so that might have been like “um, this girl is taking pictures of her food.”

Anywho, I had baked chicken with some kinda sauce on top that I scrapped off with a wild rice of sorts, side salad and a roll. There were some mixed veggies, but I’m not sure what they were cooked in and it wasn’t very good. Sometimes, it’s hit or miss at church. But! Pat on my back, I skipped dessert. First time I’ve done that at one of those suppers!

This morning was my Thursday morning coffee with Jaime. We get together every Thursday to catch up, have some Starbucks and pray for one another. We’ve been doing this for probably two years now and I really look forward to it each week. It’s always nice to know someone’s approaching the Throne of Grace on your behalf each week!

Jaime was running a little late this morning so I hit up Bruegger’s next door and started without her. Rude, I know. But, all this running has me STARVING ALL THE TIME!

Everything bagel with onion and chive – Jaime’s nutritionist told her this bagel alone was two meals in one. Yikes!

SF Vanilla Latte with 2% milk – I really do not like skim milk. I’ve tried.

Confession time: I had a tiny box of nerds in a meeting this morning. Not sure why. I think I was bored.

Some of us girls went to The Loop for lunch. We haven’t all been out to lunch in a while so it was nice to get out of the office with each other for a bit. They’ve changed their menu recently and I forget the name of the pizza I got, but it’s basically a grilled veggie pizza minus purple onions which give me massive heartburn. I ate half of it.

Kathleen’s ready to dig into her salad.

No run today. I’ve ran the past three days and my legs are sore and need a break! I think I’m going to hold off until Saturday’s long training run.

Time to go home, do the first day of my new bible study and prep for tomorrow’s chili cook-off at work!

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