Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 2: Mr. Bojangles

Mr. Bojangle’s…..oh, I love thee. Let me count the ways.

Egg and Cheese Biscuit
Bo Rounds
Sweet Tea
Country Ham Biscuit
Seasoned Fries
Dirty Rice
Bo Berry Biscuit

I have a go-to drive thru in the am when I’m starving and know there’s NO WAY I will make it to lunch without eating. It’s on Western Blvd. In fact, I did $500 worth of damage to my car in that drive thru.

My stomach was growling. My head was aching. The sweet tea was a callin’.

While I’m not proud of my decision, it sure was good. Just gotta have more…

For lunch, I had leftover chili was a handful of Colby Jack shredded cheese mixed in and a handful of Fritos. I’ll spare you from a repeat picture.

There was lunch brought in for a meeting yesterday so I snagged a plate of leftovers since I have bible study on Tuesday nights and knew I was going to have to make a pit stop somewhere for something to eat.

Penne pasta with some veggies in there and dum, dum, dum…WHITE CREAM SAUCE. You know that’s sittin’ on my hips two-day. I also had a slice of bread and a lemon bar. Those lemon bars are soooo good!

I’ve really got to start educating myself on proper nutrition because I’m noticing some things like I’m not getting in enough healthy calories and by the end of the work day, I’m exhausted, fatigued and not satiated.

I’ve decided this weekend is going to be devoted to healthy grocery shopping and getting ed-u-ma-kay-ted. I’m also going to give my sister Lauren a call. She’s a nutritionist and I caught it for asking for recommendations for a dietitian/nutritionist. (Although, to my defense, she’s got a three year old and I didn’t know if she’d be up with dealing with me.)

WORKOUT: We’re 0 for two this week. Yikes!

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Brantley said...

I see you share my addiction to Bojangles. Its hard to break out of that cycle but I did thanks to Marcie packing my lunch each day. Plus for Christmas I asked for a mini refrigerator so I can keep milk and cereal at work.