Friday, February 26, 2010

The Change Vase

I dunno. Two years ago? I started a jar of change.

I hate change. I don't like to dig for it. I don't like how it makes your fingers smell. I don't like holding up the line trying to find two pennies. And, it's heavy.

I don't spend it. I put it in a jar.

In October, I started doing the Dave Ramsey thing by using cash only and I collected more change because I don't spend it. The jar got full so I moved it to a vase. Every night, I empty my change into the jar, um vase.

Since I decided to move a few of weeks ago, that change vase has been looming there, knowing that I ain't gonna move that and egging my on to cash it in.

Tonight was the night. First, we had a fail on the way to the Harris Teeter Coin Star.

That was fun.

I also felt like a goober walking past college kids at the redbox on a Friday night at the Cameron Village Harris Teeter with my vase of change. And, I did draw a bit of attention with all the noise the machine was making.

But, it was worth it! May I forever be a goober! Cuz' guess how much money has been sittin' up in my house!?!?

$221.00 (and some change hehehehe)

Coin Star charges you a 10% fee so I only took home $199.79 which was a bit of a bummer.

And, before you start telling me what I shoulda done (and I know you will), let me say:
-Bank of America does not have a Coin Starish machine
-I called Coastal Federal Union and they do not have a Coin Starish machine
-I've been told State Credit Union has a Coin Starish machine so in hindsight, perhaps I should have gotten someone to take it there for me and maybe we have a lesson learned for next time, but that involves a bit of coordination and logistics and time
-I thought there was only $50ish in the jar so I was like yea, I'll give you $5 to count this for me and once your $221 is in the green machine, there's not much you can do about it
-You can get gift cards without a fee, but what am I gonna do with $221 to Starbucks?

So, I'm not going to sulk about what I shoulda done. Next time, I'll be hollerin' at one of you teachers to ride with me to the bank so I can cash in my piggy. But, for now, I'm going to be excited about my $199 that I didn't have this morning!

I'll let you know what I buy. It will most definately be for my new digs.


Brantley said...

Yep, I was about to jump on you for not going to NCSECU. Give me a call next time you want to do your change. You may even be able to do it with out an account there if you do it right. I also do a change jar and we use that to treat ourselves. I'll have to tell you about that when I get a chance.

Shelly said...

That's pretty sweet, goob! Maybe we should cash in Jackson's piggy bank. ;-)

MrsBlueberry said...

Way to go Ashely! Maybe we'll cash ours in when we move. Oh yeah...we're moving!!!!! Finally sold the house last week. :)

Kristine said...

You definitely have to have an account at the SECU b/c there's a little sign that says so, but let me know and I will take it for you! It's totally free!!

Heather @ Side of Sneakers said...

That's still a ton of money for "nothing"...and let me tell you, I've tried to roll that much in change before to take to the bank- it's prob with the money to coinstar-it ;)