Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Wasn't Too Shabby

Let’s preface by saying that this post was worked on for around an hour and completed until blogger decided to send it into the unknown. So, here’s the second go round.

I started off 2009 pretty lazy and failed to make a list of goals for the year. I set goals. I don’t resolve to do anything. My lack of goal setting should explain why I don’t resolve.

Never fear, my friend Faith had tagged me and requested that I make five predictions for 2009. Let’s see how I did.

1. I predict that the UNC Tar Heels men's basketball team will win the NCAA championship and NC State will not be invited to the NIT.


2. I predict that at least two more couples in CYC will get engaged.

Check. Congratulations Andrew and Keri and Dave and Anna! CYC had five marriages in 2009. Whew!

3. I predict that my physical appearance will be altered - whether the bee's knees or a big ol' hot mess - only time will tell.

Check. At the time, I was thinking I would try to loose that annoying 15 lbs (which didn’t happen). But, after sevenish years of pleading to insurance companies, doing physical therapy and praying, His timing was perfect. In February, I got my boobies chopped off (as I like to say). Not one iota of regret and it’s been the greatest thing ever. I feel great, my back doesn’t hurt, and my running pace has increased. Yay!

4. I predict that 80s glam rock hair will make a comeback and Tonya will lead the effort here in Raleigh.

Well, not so much. Tonya became a mommy in September and my new prediction is that around 2030, Finley and her friends will rock the tall bangs better than Tawny ever could. You know the trends always come back around.

5. I predict that I will know how to cook more than three meals by the end of the year.

Check. The three to start with were macaroni-and-cheese, hot dogs and spaghetti. Now, we’ve added Strawberry Goat Cheese Grilled Chicken Salad and Cilantro-Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa. I cooked a lot more in 2009 and am working on building a repertoire of 30ish recipes that I enjoy. I cooked some other things throughout the year, but they haven’t made the cut.

I thought I did pretty well with my predictions. And, even though I never made an official goal list for 2009, there were some things I accomplished that I’m rather excited about.

In 2009, I became satisfied in who I am in Christ. I have realized that I didn’t go on one date in 2009. In fact, I haven’t been on a date since March 2008. And, I’m okay with that. In no way, do I not long to have a boyfriend or be married. But in 2009, I think I really learned to become content in my relationship with Christ and to let him fulfill those longings. It’s something I have to ask Him to do everyday. I remind myself that if it will bring Him more glory for me to be married, then He will provide. Read more about it here.

In 2009, I finally got my Benjamin’s in order. Well, maybe not Benjamin’s. During the summer, I thought I would do a challenge where I would spend less money and save. People still ask me how it went. Yea. I didn’t do a good job of tracking. But, in October, I FINALLY sat my butt down for a few hours and made a budget.

I’ve read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and Baby Step #1 is to pay off all debt (credit cards, student loans, cars, houses). He also advocates using cash only and I decided to give it a whirl. My debit card is now the devil. I never realized how much I would spend when using my debit card. Now that I use cash, I evaluate every purchase I make and decide whether it’s only $5 and I need it are true justifications for the purchase. Shopping takes a little longer, but hey, I’m saving money. I also picked up a new couponing hobby which I hope to get better at over the next year.

Since October (three months ago when I FINALLY sat down!), I’ve put more than $630 towards paying down debt. This amount doesn’t include the regular monthly amount I have budgeted towards paying down debt. This money was what I call ‘left-over’s.’ It’s what was left at the end of the month because I’m spending less thanks to using cash and coupons. And, it’s like crack. I can’t wait to see what I accomplish in 2010!

There were other highlights to the year such as the Twilight addiction, going to Mexico for Lesh and Doug’s wedding and discovering Google Reader. But, the above two are the ones that I really feel like I focused on and accomplished with God’s help. All in all, 2009 wasn’t too shabby. Let’s get ready for 2010, shall we?

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Tonya & Michael said...

Love it!! You know Fin is always gonna be on the cutting edge of all things fashionable. She'll be like, "Mom, you and your friends are total dorks with those clothes you wear!!!"