Friday, February 19, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Dear Reader,

You might or might not be aware of this, but I'm moving in less than three weeks. After almost 30 years, I will dwell all alone. By myself. Doing my own thang.

With this move, comes great excitement in that...I GET TO DECORATE FROM SCRATCH! In my current living situation, the only thing that belongs to me is my bedroom furniture. And, that furniture was purchased for me to have when I moved into my first apartment and is your pretty basic wood bedroom set. It too will be replaced eventually and passed down to either a sibling or nephew.

With this excitement, comes a feeling of being overwhelmed. I have an opportunity to do whatever I want. In whatever style I want. And, it scares me. What if I make a bad choice?

I read an article recently about how my generation is different from my mom's in that we have the luxury of craigslist which allows us to buy matching wing backs for $50 and reupholster them without a lot of investment. Therefore, we have the ability to be a little more adventerous. Use that wild fabric. Or, spend a little more on designer fabric. Because in the end, we didn't spend that much and we can always change it back.

So, I'm facing decisions. I'm realizing that I teeter between elegant, traditional and funky, modern and I don't which side to land on.

Dear Reader, I'm going to start counting on you. Expect to start seeing some posts about what I'm planning to do or what I'm debating about doing and expect to start providing feedback. I'm going to need your input.

Or, I might go crazy trying to make a decision.


Brantley said...

Congrats. You'll love having your own place. Plus when you decorate it in your own taste, its fun showing it off to your friends. On that note, party at Ashely's.

A couple of things:
1) Let CYC know when you're moving and we can help.
2) There is a home and garden show this weekend. Its a great place to find ideas for your new place.
3) When you having us all over? We need to cook up some of our Super Double purchases. :)

Ashely said...

Thanks Brantley!

I've got some movers lined up already, but thanks for offering to help out. And, as soon as I can get some furniture we'll have a supper club night!