Friday, February 19, 2010

Puppies Need Good Home

My friends Leana and Adam are trying to find a good home for two puppies Leana found this week.

These two little pups were abandoned and found in Lillington. They've been to the vet and are approximately 11 week old Sheppard mix females.

They have been started on both Heartguard and Frontline, and it's expected they will be able to have their first shots next week.

Here is a little about each puppy (Leana went ahead and named them):

Roxy: She is the bigger of the two at 22lbs, and the dominate personality. Roxy is definitely the alpha of the two, and will steal her sisters food/treats if you don't watch her. She has lots of energy and loves to play with people and her sister. Roxy is VERY food motivated, which will be a great tool for training.

Maya: She weighs in at 18lbs, and is a bit more mellow than her sister. Maya loves to play, but does enjoy to curl up and take a nap soon after. It may take her a few minutes to warm up to a stranger, but she is eager to meet everyone. Maya is very loving and loves to sit with you and relax.

Both puppies are getting used to wearing collars and leashes. They are doing well with house training, but are still just learning.

Unfortunately, since Leana and Adam already have two dogs, they will not be able to keep these little ones. And, they're going to be big dogs so I wouldn't be able to keep them in my apartment.

If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a puppy (or two!) please forward this along. Anyone with interest or questions please let me know.



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Albark said...

Ashley, you should take one of these new puppies to your new home, that makes alot of sense to me....but what do I know:)