Monday, February 22, 2010

Goat Cheese Spinach Pizza

First, let me just say this. Maybe you've noticed that I haven't been keeping my food diary like I should. Maybe not. Ha!

Yea. I seem not to ever follow through. But, I don't think I realized how much time would be involved with documenting EVERYTHING I eat via blog. It would be like a part-time job! So, I think what I'm going to start doing moving forward is just sharing the highlights.

So, without further ado...Goat Cheese Spinach Pizza!

I like pizza, but of course, it's not that good for you when you get say, the I Heart Rio Rancho. And, weird as it may be, I like to make pizza at home. I'm not really a fan of frozen pizzas. They just taste weird to me. I prefer to make my own.
I've been making Goat Cheese Spinach Pizza for a few years now and it's soooo good! Warm goat cheese has to be one of the best flavors EVER. It's expensive, but sooooo good!


MrsBlueberry said...

Yummy! I love goat cheese pizza and yours looks delish. I find that Trader Joe's has great prices on fancy cheese.

Kristine said...

How much olive oil do you use when you mix with the spinach? Just a dash or so?

Ashely said...

I just drizzle enough to sort of cover it like salad dressing. However, I don't think I used enough this time around because some of the spinach on the outside edges of the pizza were dried up.