Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Super Doubles Recap

Super Doubles at Harris Teeter ended today.

I made four trips during the week.

Here’s the breakdown:

Date: 2/17
Retail: $47.92
VIC Savings: $1.94
Coupons: $30.87
Paid: $15.11
% Savings: 68%

Date: 2/18
Retail: $61.31
VIC Savings: $8.95
Coupons: $29.94
Paid: $32.21
% Savings: 53%

Date: 2/21
Retail: $23.05
VIC Savings: $0.18
Coupons: $12.18
Paid: $11.53
% Savings: 50%

Date: 2/23
Retail: $28.61
VIC Savings: $4.59
Coupons: $16.47
Paid: $13.17
% Savings: 46%

This week alone, I've saved $89.46 by using coupons!

Trip #1 is documented here.

I missed pics of trip #2 and trip #4 because I was on my cell phone when I got home and just went to unpacking without thinking of you and your pictorial needs, Dear Reader.

I did get Trip #3 though. That should be worth something.

Additional trip highlights include:
-more free wholly guacamole
-more free greek yogurt
-more cheap Yoplait Smoothies (which are an awesome quick alternative to making your own smoothie)
-FREE PREVACID! This one was an awesome score. I signed up for their email list a while back and received a $10 off coupon. The 14 day pack was on sale for $9.99. So excited about that one because while acid reflux is no fun, acid reflux meds prices are no fun either.

Well, that’s it. Down and dirty recap.

Next goal is to start keeping a price book. I hope to start that this week.

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marcie said...

Hey Ashely, try this recipe, its really QUICK and easy- just don't put in the suggested amount of flour. (read the suggestions at the bottom) :)