Friday, April 2, 2010

A Few Things

1) I've hired a trainer. We start next week. Blogs and guns forthcoming.

2) I ate a lot of REAL food this past week instead of processed stuff. Props to me.

3) To continue in the tradition of REAL food, I signed up for this. Can't wait!

4) I can't stop listening to this song.


Brantley said...

Did you get the large or small box? You'll have to post a picture of it on line so we can see what you get. That looks really exciting... my mouth is watering just thinking about all the fresh produce!

Plus, real food is often cheaper or at least the same price as processed since you often get more then one meal out of it.

Amanda H. said...

Yay! You signed up for the Produce Box--have you gotten the first email yet? Looks like the first one is gonna be awesome!

Jenn Soloway said...

You and Shelly both have me interested in this Produce Box thing. I also want to know if you're getting the large or small box, since I'm debating signing up for it, too...Pics please!

Keri said...

I need an update on the trainer so I can have some motivation!!