Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OBX Half Marathon 2008

A bunch of the CYCers headed down to OBX for the second annual marathon trip. We had a great weekend of fun and fellowship capped off with six of us running the half marathon on Sunday.

The car ride to the race start was perhaps the most fun I have ever had at six a.m. We jammed out to some Beyonce, Citizen Cope and House of Pain to get us ready for the 13.1!

Before the race
And, we're off! See us waving on the other side?

Keri and I had an awesome time running together! We had not talked to each other all week so that we could have 2.5 hours worth of known facts (we don't gossip) built up to share during the run. We were hoping we would meet some cute boys along the way but decided that we wanted our cute boys to run fast and therefore, would not meet said boys during the actual race.

We seperated on the bridge as Miss Keri was in super runner mode! We also saw Heather twice during the race. My girl Heather is 13 weeks pregnant, peed four times during the race and still beat me by seven minutes! She's my inspiration big time!
Here I come...

There I go...
I would like to mention that Honky-tonk Ba-donk-a-donk was playing as I crossed the finish line.

OBX played up the pirate theme big time this year and it was so fun! Complete with live pirates (aka people who are a little too into the pirate thing) and runners dressed as pirates and treasure map medals! I might have to start working on my running pirate costume for next year!

Even the queen was impressed...


Felanie Melanie said...

I am SUPER proud of you my dear!!! You go girl!!!

Keri said...

It was so much fun running with you! I love that you explained our thoughts on cute boys in the race!

MrsBlueberry said...

Thanks for the shout out! It was a great race and I am so glad we met up on the course! :)